Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Profesional Learning Community & the Special Educator

Recently I read this article about closing the gap between research to practice, and the use of Learning Teams. The focus in this manuscript is on teacher learning teams as related to components of school improvement. It is asserted by the authors that these Learning Teams, in which teachers collaborate to improve instruction focused on what students are struggling to learn, can effectively work to meet the needs of all students.

I believe that the context of specific schools cannot be ignored, and thus I would like to open this question to special educators, special service providers, principals, general educators, parents, and all others interested. I am curious of the experience of others in this area of school improvement. 

**Where do special educators fit into these teams? 
**Does a mixed model of consultation and direct service provision work?

What are your thoughts? 

Gallimore, R., Ermeling, B.A., Saunders, W.M., Goldenberg, C. (2009). Moving the Learning of Teaching Closer to Practice: Teacher Education Implications of School-Based Inquiry Teams. The Elementary School Journal. 109(5).

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  1. At our school special education teachers meet with other teachers, guidance and admin as a team twice a month to discuss strategy for helping those kids who need support. Often, though I am asked to be on ad hoc teams because of my spec. ed. background. At my school at least, I feel that my spec. ed. expertise and experience is valued and my contribution is appreciated by my colleagues as well as students and parent/guardians.