Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spelling & Vocabulary with AAASpell

Here's a web tool I am starting to explore. It looks to be valuable for students, teachers, and parents with a focus on spelling and vocabulary. It's called AAASpell. AAASpell is free and is not account dependent. Students can use it as a self-directed study tool

I see great potential in this free, web based spelling/vocabulary app. The folks at AAASpell have created pre-made lists of nearly 30 lessons for grades 1-8 in both spelling and vocabulary. For those looking to support word study or phonemic spelling patterns, many of the lists are already organized with these strategies in mind. Each of the pre-made lists has both spelling and vocabulary study exercises associated with it. There is even audio pronunciation for most, if not all the words.

You don't need an account to use this AAASpell, however with an account there are some powerful tools for focused data collection. Teachers can create classes and student accounts. Assignments can even be given to a whole class or to individuals within a class.

I can see this used as a tool for differentiation with kids who may need additional support with spelling and or vocabulary understanding. Assigning different or leveled spelling/vocabulary lists easily for individualized instruction. It's definitely worth some exploration.