I'm certainly not the first to share these thoughts, nor will I be the last. Nevertheless, here it is.

Success is bread through success, and the process by which we achieve success is dictated by what we do to get there. As educators it is our responsibility to define, explore, and provide access to the elements that make success a reality. This includes the actions, behavior, skills, etc. necessary for students to realize their goals, meet their potential, and create opportunity. 

You may find me writing about... 
Special Education  
Inclusive Education
Systems Development
Behavioral & Academic Interventions
Disability & Risk
Transition/Post-School Outcomes
Theories of Educational Change
Effective Teaching Practices
Multiculturalism- Cultural Responsiveness
Parent-School Relationships
Technology in the Classroom

And the list goes on...

w3ightless?? Why w3ightless?
As I first began the process of sharing my reflections, my discoveries, and building my PLN, I wanted to find a way to categorize what I wrote about. I guess I was trying to appeal to an audience. What I found is that there was a common thread amongst my posted reflections, my "almost-posted" reflections, my discoveries and my discussions. I seem to keep coming back to the notion that possibility is not bound by the limits of others but rather by the limits within myself. Eventually, as a reminder so to speak, I came up with the concept of w3ightless-ness. If my challenges are my own, if I embrace the obstacles, if I avoid judgement, if I stay open, then the sky's the limit.

I've always been a big fan of The Roots. On Sacrifice (Phrenology, 2002) Black Thought says "Nose to the grindstone, head to the stars". That line has stuck with me for many reasons. The overall extension/connection for me is that hard work pays off and that dreams and the belief in possibility have a guiding influence in my life. So....w3ightless it is. 

Peace & Love- Matt